Friday, February 8, 2008

Top 10 news from - January edition

Top 10 news from - January edition


TOP 10 NEWSWeb site:

1 ::::::"ENHANCE results yield disappointment for ezetimibe"

2 ::::::"ENHANCE saga continues: Experts dispute ezetimibe's future and"weight" of imaging studies"

3 ::::::"Questioning the importance of LDL cholesterol: The ENHANCE fallout"

SATELLITE PROGRAM ::::::"Demystifying the rate vs rhythm conundrum: New perspectives on recenttrials and future treatment options"Drs Reiffel, Kowey and Ruskin describe the electrophysiologic andpharmacologic profiles of novel antiarrhythmic agents and their safetyand efficacy relative to conventional agents. CME provider: DiscoveryInstitute of Medical Education. Supported by an educational grant fromAstellas Pharma US, Inc."Improving outcomes with antiplatelet therapy: Practical applicationsfrom new research"The presentations, by a panel of renowned experts in the field, led byDr Eugene Braunwald, will focus on issues and answers surroundingantiplatelet therapy and where research is taking us in terms ofmanaging our patients. Sponsored by The Annenberg Center for HealthSciences at Eisenhower. Supported by an educational grant from DaiichiSankyo, Inc. and Eli Lilly and Company.

4 ::::::"NEJM reviewer under fire for leaking Nissen's rosiglitazone paper toGlaxoSmithKline"

5 ::::::"Role of cholesterol in prevention and mortality benefit of statinsdebated in media"

6 ::::::"Congress investigates Jarvik's Lipitor ads"

7 ::::::"More talent heads to the University of Miami; two fewer EP docs atMass General"

SATELLITE PROGRAM ::::::"DES 2008: New choices, new era"Join Drs Topol and Teirstein as they discuss how the new devices willimpact treatment selection and watch them give their predictions forDES and PCI in 2008. CME provider: Medscape, LLC. This educationalactivity is supported by an unrestricted educational grant fromMedtronic, Inc."Recent clinical trial data on adjunctive pharmacology in ACS patientsundergoing PCI"What is the future of adjunctive pharmacology given the results of theHORIZONS-AMI and TRITON-TIMI 38 trials? Join Drs Deepak Bhatt, LarsWallentin, and Gilles Montalescot as they comment on the optimalpharmacological management of patients undergoing acute PCI. CMEprovider: Medscape, LLC. Supported by an independent educational grantfrom sanofi-aventis and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

8 ::::::"Fewer deaths, MI, with CABG than DES for multivessel disease in NYState"

9 ::::::"Questions arise about the chronology of events in the ENHANCE trial"

10 ::::::"ACE inhibitors or ARBs in hypertension? In chronic kidney disease?"

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